3 Types of Complaints Arising from New VA Travel Reimbursement Policy

Posted on February 14, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Although the 2014 VA bill has its upsides and implements new rules to improve veterans’ access to care, the new changes to the travel reimbursement policy is becoming a problem for a number of veterans around the nation.

Veterans’ Concerns about VA Travel Reimbursement

There are three primary types of complaints the VA has been receiving about the changes in the travel pay policies, each discussed briefly below.

  • Nearest facility – The new policy will only reimburse qualifying veterans for travel expenses to the nearest facility. This essentially undermines the access to care initiative; if they need help with travel expenses, veterans will be forced to choose the nearest facility even if it isn’t the best option for their particular situation.
  • Delayed payment – The old policy allowed veterans to receive their travel pay in cash on the same day. Now, they can only receive it via direct deposit (which could take up to three days) or via U.S. mail (which could take up to 10 days). Military Authority noted: “Despite the change being touted as a way to provide more efficient service to veterans, it has raised concerns among many veterans’ organizations. Those veterans in rural areas, those who live paycheck-to-paycheck, or those who do not use bank accounts or have a place to receive mail will be at a severe disadvantage.”
  • Questionable care – many veterans are concerned because the local VA facilities might not offer the same quality of care than a less local facility. Veterans should not have to choose substandard or inconvenient care because of a travel pay policy.

Legal Help for Disabled Veterans

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