4 Areas of Happiness can Lead to a Healthy Heart

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Disability Help Group

According to a report from the Doctor’s Lounge, a new study finds happiness, in certain areas of an individual’s life, can contribute to a healthier heart. In the event of you suffering from a severe cardiovascular condition, that requires time off from work while you undergo treatment, then you may be able to receive long-term disability benefits.

While we know that some lifestyle choices, such as maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, eating a well-balanced diet, and exercising, can reduce the chances of major heart problems, there are additional factors that can contribute to a healthier heart.

4 Key Areas of Happiness and Satisfaction that Develop a Healthy Heart

  • job;
  • family;
  • sex; and
  • self.

The study found that there was a 13% reduced risk of coronary heart disease for those who acquired happiness and satisfaction in these 4 areas of life. The researchers also discovered that this reduction was not related to leisure activities, standard of living, or love relationships.

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