A Diet Rich in Fish May Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer Death

Posted on February 12, 2016 by Disability Help Group

After a diagnosis of prostate cancer, not only does a patient have concerns about the treatment process but there are likely concerns about taking care of their family financially. Social Security disability benefits can help cover lost income during a lengthy time of treatment and recovery.

According to a new scientific review, while a fish diet cannot help prevent prostate cancer from developing, it may reduce the risk of death from the disease. It is believed that 1 in 6 men with prostate cancer will end up dying from this illness. Yet, the findings of a recent study suggest that a diet filled with fish could lower the risk by more than 50%.

White fish is already seen as a benefit by reducing the risks of stroke and heart disease, so the potential to extend the lives of men diagnosed with prostate cancer is promising.

Fish oils are believed to help fight the progression of cancer, which is why omega-3 fatty acids in supplements are recommended. While this study did not include fish supplements, it is something researchers may look into.

It is difficult enough to manage a health problem without also worrying about your finances. Contact a Social Security disability associate who can help determine if you qualify for Social Security disability benefits if your medical condition has made it impossible for you to work.

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