A Person’s Genetics May Tell Story of Cardiovascular Health

Posted on February 13, 2016 by Disability Help Group

When any severe mental or physical condition prevents you from continuing to work and participate in substantial gainful activity, you may qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. These benefits are available only to those who have a verifiable medical condition.

According to a report from Medline Plus, genetic researchers may have identified the genes that are linked to a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack. One gene may increase the risk and another gene may decrease the risk.

The first finding is that those individuals with type O blood may be at a decreased chance of suffering from a heart attack. Type O blood appears to help decrease the risk of a heart attack when an individual’s arteries have become clogged.

Additionally, it was found that the presence of a different gene may increase a person’s risk of suffering a cardiovascular disease. This other gene is known as ADAMTS7 and has been linked to cardiovascular problems such as coronary artery disease.

Researchers suggest that understanding the relationship between cardiovascular diseases and genetics may be helpful in formulating improved treatment plans and therapies. This report can be found in the online Jan. 15 edition of The Lancet.

If you are suffering a cardiovascular disease that has caused you to become disabled, consulting with a Social Security disability representative should be your next step. a representative can help determine if you qualify for benefits and can assist you in the application process.

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