About Half of Stroke Victims Do Not Call 911

Posted on February 12, 2016 by Disability Help Group

According to Medline Plus, just over half of those who suffer a stroke call 911, leaving the other half with minimal chance of recovery. When you have become disabled due to a severe medical condition, you could qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits.

A new study discovers that little has changed since the mid-90s when it comes to a stroke victim calling 911. Just 51% of those who suffer a stroke actually enlist the help of emergency services.

This suggests that more needs to be done to raise awareness on the need to seek immediate medical attention. It could significantly impact the outcome and reduce the chances of suffering permanent damage.

Some of the symptoms of a stroke may include the sudden onset of the following: 

  • difficulty with vision;
  • weakness/numbness on one side of the body (face, arms, legs);
  • severe headache;
  • confusion;
  • trouble understanding others or talking;
  • difficulty with coordination/balance, or with walking; and
  • dizziness.

Delaying medical attention, which includes opting to see a doctor rather than going to an emergency room, could prevent a successful recovery. Brain damage can be averted with surgery or medication; however, time is of the essence.

If a stroke has left you unable to work and function on a daily basis, you should seek legal counsel to learn if you qualify for disability benefits.

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