Apple’s CareKit Will Help Users Keep Track of Medical Conditions

Posted on April 4, 2016 by Disability Help Group

In order to obtain Social Security disability benefits, applicants often need to provide medical history beyond a doctor’s records to prove how their condition impairs their living conditions. Tracking your health manually, such as with diaries, can be a difficult process. This has led researchers to develop more technology to aid in this endeavor. The latest announcement in the field of health tracking technology comes from Apple with the release of the CareKit program.

This set of applications provides digital health tools that help users track their health conditions and easily share data with their doctors.

The platform contains four types of medical apps that track, manage, and improve a user’s health and recovery. The first app is a “Care Card” that provides information on the user’s care plan and reminders to perform care-related tasks such as taking medication or performing physical therapy. Next is the “Symptom and Measurement Tracking” app, which keeps a record of symptoms and their level of severity.

The final two apps, “Insight Dashboard” and “Connect” allow you to assess the content of your Care Card and Symptom and Measurement tracking apps to determine how well your treatments are working and then share those results with your health care team.

Researchers are also looking to CareKit to help provide new insight to life with Parkinson’s disease. Using the iPhone’s gyroscope, the apps will be able to help monitor a patient’s balance, dexterity, and gait.

Tracking Your Disabling Symptoms is Important to Your Disability Benefits Application

When applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration you will need to show extensive evidence that your disabling condition impairs you from working and earning a substantial income.

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