Beware of Scammers Offering Help with Disability Applications

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Social Security fraud is sadly still a major problem in today’s society. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released a statement regarding an increase in disability scammers stealing personal information. Scammers can do major damage to your credit and identity with very little information, so it is important to be aware of who you give this information to.

The FTC has seen a rash of scammers calling up individuals at random, asking about their disability claim status, and seeing if they can “help” complete the claim.

If you acknowledge you have an application in progress or are already receiving benefits, they may ask you to provide or verify some information to help resolve an issue with your claim.

If you are receiving calls like this, ask for the person’s name and extension, and then call your local Social Security office and check if it was attempting to contact you. If not, report the person to the Social Security Fraud Hotline and the FTC immediately. If the person calls back, do not give him any information and hang up.

Make sure that you never give your Social Security number or personal information to anyone who calls you without your request.

An exception would be if you had directly contacted a Social Security disability help firm or advocacy group and requested assistance with your application. Even still, there is nothing wrong with making sure that the person you are speaking with actually works with the firm or advocacy group. No legitimate business will steer you away from asking groups about its validity.

Make Sure You Are Getting Trustworthy Help with Your Disability Benefits

Remember that the SSA will almost always contact you via postal mail or through a secure message on your MySocialSecurity account. You can learn more about how to combat disability benefits fraud by visiting the Office of the Inspector General’s website.

For safe, reliable help with your Social Security disability benefits, contact the Disability Help Group. Give us a call today at 800-800-2009 to schedule a consultation with our disability advocates.