Brain Cancer May Be Treated with Patients’ Own Fat Cells

Posted on February 13, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Brain cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer due to the tenacity of the cancer cells. Even with surgical removal of a giloblastoma (the most common type of brain tumor), if any cells remain they can multiply in other parts of the brain.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore have been working with a special type of stem cell able to seek out damaged cells, such as cancer cells. The mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are found in bone marrow and adipose (fat) tissues throughout the body.

MSCs have already been studied for treating a variety of disabling conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). According to studies published in the PLOS ONE medical journal, brain cancer is another focus of recent research.

In “test tube” trials, MSCs from both bone marrow and fat were able to be inserted into an environment, survive to migrate, and keep their ability to differentiate into other cells. Dr. Alfred Quinones-Hinojosa, lead researcher, suggests that these findings may show that MSCs from a patients’ own fat tissue may be a more easily obtainable source of these important stem cells.

The research from Dr. Quinones-Hinojosa’s team is opening the doors for further exploration of how MSCs could be used to deliver additional cancer treatments to surgery patients. One idea is to use the cells as targeted transporters of medications to kill the rogue cancer cells left over after tumor surgery.

Development of an approved human treatment is still years off, but it shows that there is promise for additional ways to address brain cancer and reduce the impact of disability.

Brain Cancer Patients May Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

The disabling effects of cancer and the associated treatments often leave patients too compromised to perform substantial gainful activity. In cases such as these, patients may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Contact Disability Help Group for answers to your disability questions and to find help for filing your benefits claim. Call today – 1-(800)-800-3332.