Breast Cancer Can Cause Long-Term Disability in Men, Too

Posted on February 13, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Breast cancer is a common condition for women that can cause severe disabilities, but when it shows up in men the effects can be greater. When a disabling condition prevents you from performing substantial gainful activity it may qualify you for long-term disability benefits.

Even though the American Cancer Society estimates only 1 in 1,000 men will get breast versus 1 in 8 women, the men most often had larger, more advanced stage breast tumors that spread the cancer to other parts of the body. Male breast cancer patients also show an average 2 year shorter lifespan than female patients, and were more likely to be diagnosed at a later age than women.

Some researchers believe that because many men don’t know that they’re able to get breast cancer it leads to delays in screenings and diagnosis. This can allow for the cancer to progress into more advanced, fatal stages by the time it’s discovered, which could be one of the reasons behind men’s poorer survival rates.

Working with your doctor to discuss any abnormalities is important for avoiding the progression of diseases that could become disabling. If you do develop a disabling condition, a disability representative can help you seek long-term disability benefits when your health condition prevents you from working.

The earlier cancers are diagnosed the more treatment options are generally available. Some treatments can cause disabling conditions in addition to the disorder being treated, which is why it’s important to have substantial medical evidence to support your claim.

When a severe medical condition makes it impossible for you to work and you’ve been denied your long-term disability benefits, a representative from Disability Help Group can help you cut through the red tape and fight for your benefits, no matter where you live in the U.S! Contact a Disability Help Group representative today – 1-(800)-800-3332.