Cardiac Rehabilitation May Improve Survival Rates for Some Patients

Posted on February 14, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Patients who experience debilitating symptoms because of a cardiovascular condition may be unable to continue working. Those who qualify may be eligible for long-term benefits to help offset the financial burden of lost wages.

Health News reports that a new study found that heart patients who participate in cardiac rehabilitation experience better survival rates. Cardiac rehabilitation works to help strengthen the heart and reverse the development of cardiovascular diseases.

This large-scale study analyzed both the effects of long-term and short-term cardiac rehabilitation in regard to rates of survival. Although this program is made available to heart patients who have suffered a heart attack or gone through a bypass operation, only about 20% of them actually participate in the program.

It has been found that those patients who participate and attend all 36 sessions decrease the risk of suffering another heart attack or dying within the 3 to 4 years after completing cardiac rehabilitation.

In comparing patients who attended less than 12 sessions, those who attended more had a 47% less chance of dying. The more sessions attended, the better the patient’s odds at remaining healthy.

If you have suffered a heart attack or any other cardiovascular event that has caused you to become disabled, a long-term disability representative can advise you on your eligibility for long-term disability benefits.

Long-term disability benefits may be available to those who have purchased a disability plan from a private insurer or have coverage through an employer. Unfortunately, the insurers don’t make it easy for the disabled to get access to the benefits they deserve. When a severe medical condition makes it impossible for you to work and you’ve been denied your long-term disability benefits, a representative from Disability Help Group can help you to cut through the red tape and fight for your benefits, no matter where you live in the U.S! Contact a South Florida disability representative today – 1-(800)-800-3332.