Chiropractic Residencies in VA Hospitals Receive Accreditation Before Any Others

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Disability Help Group

In 2014, five Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities across the nation became home to the first VA Chiropractic Residencies. These facilities, located in Connecticut, New York, Missouri, and California, provided clinical training to postgraduate students seeking to learn integrated chiropractic practice. The training focused on team-based care in the VA setting and inter-professional education.

As the end of the three-year pilot program comes closer, the chiropractic residencies program recently received the highest honor in chiropractic education. The Council of Chiropractic Education accredited these five residencies, which makes them the first in the nation to hold this designation.

During the program, senior VA chiropractors mentored new chiropractic students in the care of patients at the VA clinics. The students also received training through clinical rotations in relevant areas of healthcare. This multi-faceted approach to training allows these students to understand better a team approach to the care of patients in the VA healthcare system, who might be seeing several other specialists.

Take Advantage of All Amenities Available Through the VA

Healthcare through the VA hospital and clinic system is just one benefit of being a U.S. veteran. If you suffer from a disabling condition linked to your military service, you might qualify for veterans’ disability benefits. Unfortunately, these benefits can be very difficult to obtain.

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