Concerns of Statins Increasing Risk of Cancer Thrown Out

Posted on February 14, 2016 by Disability Help Group

In a report from Health Day, a new large study finds statins to not increase the risk of cancer. Cancer could lead to a lengthy time of treatment and recovery, which could result in the need for long-term disability benefits.

Statins help to reduce cholesterol, which can decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke; however, the safety of statins has been questioned.

This study involved analyzing the medical records of 91,000 patients, some who took statins and others who didn’t. There was no difference found in either case when it came to cancer.

In fact, it was found that of those who did take statins, 11.37% developed cancer and those who didn’t take statins, 11.11% also developed cancer. Additionally, there was no difference found in the rates of survival.

However, statins have been linked to an increased risk of muscle problems and liver damage. So there’s still caution that must be exercised when determining if a patient would benefit from taking them.

Despite the positive findings, the researchers of this study did indicate that further analyses should be done.

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