Controversial New Treatment for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Posted on February 14, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) can be devastating. This often-debilitating disease may lead an individual to seek Social Security disability benefits if their symptoms make it impossible to continue working.

According to the Doctor’s Lounge, preliminary research shows that a new treatment may be available for patients with MS. The controversial procedure is called “vein-opening” treatment and entails opening veins with balloon angioplasty.

This development comes after a surgeon in Italy suggested that MS could possibly be caused by a vein blockage that causes blood from the spinal cord and brain to drain and then return to the heart. The backup of blood is thought to cause damage to the spinal cord and brain, thereby contributing to the occurrence of MS.

This theory and treatment are under fire by some medical experts in the field who indicate that although it has been found to help relieve symptoms of fatigue in patients with MS, it is not clear if vein blockage contributes to MS.

Despite the controversy, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in June began funding for studies on vein blockage to determine if there is a link. Individuals with MS are cautioned about seeking this type of treatment due to the potential complications.

If you have been diagnosed with MS or any other severe mental or physical condition that has caused you to be unable to work, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. A Social Security disability representative can assist you with applying for or appealing denied benefits.

When you are interviewing Social Security Disability representatives ask critical questions, like: how many Social Security Disability hearings do you have per month; do you understand the SSA’s POMS (the manual Social Security employees use to process claims); and, do you understand the date last insured and how it affects my disability onset date?

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