Delay in Processing of Veterans’ Disability and G.I. Bill Claims

Posted on February 14, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Veterans waiting for financial support of any kind should know they are not alone. At present, the VA is quite behind in processing veterans’ disability claims and disbursing G.I. Bill payments. If this affects you, be aware that the issue is being resolved.

According to USA Today, more than half of veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars have not received the benefits owed to them as stated in the new G.I. Bill. The VA does realize the problems the wait has caused many veterans, but blames backups in processing for the delays. The issue is being solved through the following steps taken by the VA:

  • There are new hires currently being trained to handle claims
  • Retirees well-versed in processing are being brought back to the job
  • Overtime was recently approved

Those awaiting the approval of veterans’ disability claims have been given the same response. According to The New York Times, many claims have lately taken more than a year to be approved. Last year, about 11,000 claims took over a year to process. Some veterans were owed thousands of dollars and waited two years to receive any money.

Whether veterans are waiting for money from the G.I. Bill or disability, the backup has been considered unacceptable by most. While the long wait might not have stopped anyone from attending college, it has caused quite a strain for many. The rightful recipients of this money have resorted to using savings, credit cards, and even the disability payments of family members to pay monthly bills and college tuition.

Most schools have been cooperative, attempting to offer fast funding to those in need so that no one is hindered from attending class. The solution from the VA might not have been quick enough, as some veterans will likely not receive their money until November. However, the fact that the money will be dispensed in the next few months is a source of relief for many.

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