Disability Help Group Honors Those Who Care for Disabled Individuals during National Caregivers Month

Posted on November 23, 2015 by Disability Help Group

November is National Caregivers Month, a time of year that we honor and acknowledge those who care for others who cannot care for themselves. Caregivers are not always paid, licensed professionals; they are often “informal caregivers” – family members with loved ones disabled due to age, illness, or injury.

Whether professional or family, caregivers are an important part of our society, as they provide selfless service and assistance to those who need it most. This selflessness is why caregivers need some recognition and help from time to time, as they are undertaking a difficult job of caring for someone with serious medical needs.

Disability Help Group talks to many caregivers of disabled individuals as they help their loved ones file for disability benefits. If a claimant cannot file the claim on their own due to mental or physical limitations, the caretaker is often the person we communicate with when pursuing disability benefits. During the consultation, we learn just how amazing and dedicated these individuals are to the people they care for.

If you would like to honor someone you know who is providing care to a disabled individual, consider some of the following ideas.

  • Recognize them with a token of appreciation. Things to help them relax or take a break from their daily routine are a nice gesture. Consider gift cards for massages, nice dinners out, or hiring a house cleaning service to lighten their load.
  • Encourage others to help. If your caregiver is a family member taking care of someone in your household, encourage everyone to pitch in and reduce their work.
  • Rotate caregivers. If one person seems to take all the responsibility as caregiver in the household, try making a schedule to give everyone an opportunity to help and also an opportunity to rest.
  • File for disability benefits. Financial help can make a big difference in a caregiver’s life, and the additional benefits from Social Security disability claims can help provide more amenities to reduce the burden on your caregiver. Additionally, there may be caregiver-specific benefits available to your household.

If You are Caring for a Disabled Individual, Call Disability Help Group

Disability Help Group is here to assist those who care for disabled individuals by working on filing for disability benefits together. Let us help you with your disabled claimant’s application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Contact the Disability Help Group online or call us at 1-(800)-800-3332 to schedule a consultation with our disability advocates!