Treatment with Opdivo May Improve Survival for Advanced Kidney Cancer Patients

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Disability Help Group

While the five-year survival rates for advanced kidney cancer are low, a new treatment regimen may help prolong the survival of many patients.

The JAMA Oncology medical journal recently featured a study from several academic centers in the U.S., Canada, Finland, and Italy. The study tested a checkpoint inhibitor called nivolumab on168 advanced kidney cancer patients.

Until now, doctors only used nivolumab, trade name Opdivo, in treatment of earlier stages of kidney cancer, but discontinued use once cancer hit advanced stages. The study found that not only is Opdivo use in advanced stage cancer safe, but it may also be beneficial for the patient’s long-term survival.

Patients who continued Opdivo therapy after entering advanced stage kidney cancer had a tumor shrinkage rate of more than 30 percent. Patients on Opdivo also survived longer on average (22.5 months) than patients who did not take Opdivo (12.3 months).

This study shows there may be hope for prolonging life after kidney cancer has advanced. Doctors are now looking to develop guidelines to determine optimal use of this new type of immunotherapy. 

Advanced Kidney Cancer Could Qualify You for Social Security Disability Benefits

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