Excessive TV Viewing May Contribute to Earlier Death

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Disability Help Group

If you suffer from a debilitating medical condition that will require time off from work for treatment and recovery, then you may qualify to receive long-term disability benefits.

In a report from CNN Health, new evidence shows that excessive TV viewing may contribute to an earlier death. After conducting recent studies on the impact of television and health, researchers discovered that for every 3 additional hours watched, the chance of death increased by 13% on average.

Additionally, they also discovered that for every 2 additional hours of television, the chance of developing heart disease increased by 15% and for type 2 diabetes it increased by 20%.

The results are similar to other risk factors that put individuals at a higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, and death, such as smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Television viewing in the United States has become a common pastime activity, reducing the amount of time spent exercising and often being accompanied by eating junk food.

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