As Female Veteran Population Grows, So Must VA Medical Resources

Posted on February 13, 2016 by Disability Help Group

April 1, 2011 – Female veterans comprise 15% of the total armed forces and that number is growing faster than any other section in today’s military. The rate of their impressive growth, however, is not well known and at times that explosive growth hinders their post-military lives.

Like their male counterparts, many female veterans seek out medical care at their local Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers. The vast majority of VA medical centers and hospitals, however, are not equipped to handle the volume of female veterans they are treating. According to a recent survey, a minority of local VA hospitals offered health care for women. 

It is because of this environment and these circumstances the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation launched the Joining Forces for Women Veterans campaign. This campaign focuses on the distinctive needs of female veterans. The campaign offers about $50,000 in scholarships to those female veterans in need of training in order to land a civilian job. Additionally, the campaign provides 4 separate $10,000 Military to Medicine scholarships. These are used to help veterans and their spouses secure jobs in the medical fields.

Eventually, the number of female veterans will have a demand for help so high, it will force that help to be made available. It could be that time is now and we are only seeing the beginning of what is to come. However, there are currently a lot of female veterans who have earned their VA health care benefits, yet cannot seek the help they need at VA medical centers and this has to change.