Finnish Study Finds Dementia Risk Reduced in Men Who Frequent Saunas

Posted on January 2, 2017 by Disability Help Group

Researchers in Finland have already established the benefits of sauna use for cardiovascular health, and now they are looking at the correlation between frequenting saunas and memory health. The researchers took data of 2,315 men ages 42-60 who doctors listed as healthy to determine if sauna use benefits memory health and decreases dementia risk.

The study, published in Age and Ageing, divided the participants into three groups based how often they used a sauna. The groups were:

  • Once a week
  • Two to three times a week
  • Four to seven times a week

The researchers watched the health of the participants for a median of 20.7 years. During this follow-up period, 204 men developed dementia and 123 developed Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers compared the diagnoses to the men’s sauna use. Men who frequented the sauna four or more times a week had a 66 percent reduction in dementia risk and 65 percent reduction in Alzheimer’s risk compared to the group of men who visited a sauna once a week.

While this study did not determine the mechanisms in sauna use that cause the reduced dementia rates or whether sauna use affects women, the team’s previous research in cardiovascular benefits from sauna suggest heart rate increases are beneficial for memory as well.

Memory Disorders Can Qualify you for Social Security Disability Benefits

Workers who become unable to continue at their jobs due to memory problems caused by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia might be eligible for Social Security disability Benefits.

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