Follow Your Doctors’ Orders – Take Your Prescription Drugs As Directed

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Disability Help Group

To increase the chances of winning your Social Security, Veterans’, or long-term disability claim, you must comply with your doctors’ orders.

That means, you must: take your prescription drugs (i.e., medication that is prescribed by your doctor) as directed; attend physical or mental therapy sessions; see a specialist for your condition; etc. 

A judge will view your compliance favorably and will take into consideration your efforts to get better (even if your efforts are fruitless and your condition has not improved or has worsened).  

At the disability hearing…

(The following is a hypothetical situation.)

claimant testifies that they suffer from a seizure disorder but, they also admit that they do not take their prescribed medication, Dilantin (a common seizure medication).

As a result of the claimant’s testimony, the judge decides to render an unfavorable decision.

The judge states that if the claimant took their seizure medication as prescribed, the claimant’s seizures would occur less frequently or possibly cease.

The judge also states that the claimant would be able to work despite their diagnosis.

What if my medication makes me feel worse?

Drugs have side-effects – some are mild, others are severe. There is no telling how your body will react to a particular drug.

However, if your medication(s) is making you physically or mentally sick, tell your doctor immediately. He or she may be able to prescribe another drug with less side-effects.

If you’ve tried more than one drug for the same issue and you still feel sick, ask your doctor to write a statement explaining when and why he or she suspended your prescription.  

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