Gene-Based Tests Not Reliable for Diagnosing or Treating Cancer

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Disability Help Group

In a report from the New York Times, gene-based tests are showing to not be reliable when it comes to diagnosing cancer or identifying an appropriate treatment plan. Cancer can lead to complications which may result in permanent disability. This may qualify you to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Research studies based on gene patterns, have previously shown signs of great promise; however, with time it has been demonstrated that these tests are not helpful in any way.

The potential success in this type of testing was so promising that products have been introduced and companies have been formed which indicated that genetics could be a beneficial tool.

Some researchers still believe that there is hope in this field of science but so far nothing concrete has come of it. This has led to some patients believing they were going to get answers as to the right type of treatment plan, only to be met with disappointment and, in some cases, die as a result of their condition which has resulted in the pursuit of lawsuits.

Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or any other severe medical condition, you could be entitled to receive disability benefits if you meet the criteria. Consulting with a Plantation Social Security disability associate should be your next step.

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