Is getting veterans’ disability benefits difficult?

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

If you believe that you have been disabled while serving your country, if your doctors believe you are disabled and your family members see the changes in you, should it be difficult to qualify for veterans’ disability?  The answer is no, it shouldn’t be hard.  However, it is.

Being approved for VA disability compensation can be difficult for even severely disabled veterans.  The application process, the long periods of waiting and the need to have every form just right is often taxing on families whose lives have already been altered due to a disability. 

However, you must not be discouraged.  Appeals are often a necessary evil.  In an attempt to weed out those who are not truly disabled most applications are rejected the first time they are submitted.  This means that when you apply for VA benefits you must be prepared to appeal.

At Disability Help Group we take pride in the fact that we have fought for and won over $400 million for our clients.  We can remove some of the stress from your life by taking care of your appeal.  We will complete all the necessary forms and gather your medical records and evaluations.  

Please contact our experienced VA disability representatives today for your free consultation.  You have fought bravely for your country; now let us fight for you.