Health Note for Florida Residents: Researchers Closing in on Melanoma Treatments

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Treatment and the lengthy recovery time for cancer can cause an individual to miss a lot of time from work. When that becomes a reality for a worker, long-term disability benefits can help to offset lost income. Skin cancer is a particularly common concern for those living in Florida, where year-round sun exposure is a reality for many people.

A report from the Doctor’s Lounge indicates that researchers could be another step closer to finding improved diagnosis and treatment of one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, melanoma.

This is due to a new medical approach known as whole-exome sequencing, where the melanoma genome is decoded by 1 to 2%. It helps to identify the most important gene mutations that occur with this particular type of skin cancer.

One of the discoveries was the discovery of a specific cancer-causing gene which could have a positive impact on strategies for diagnosis and treatment. This is important since melanoma is one of the fastest rising types of cancers in the United States.

Experts believe that most cases of melanoma are due to an overexposure to the sun, which can cause changes in skin cells that trigger cancer-causing genes.

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