Health Update for Florida Men: The Tie Between Diabetes & Heart Attacks

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Disability Help Group

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A report from Medline indicates a diabetic man’s risk of having a heart attack may be connected to how long he has had diabetes. The Medline story summarizes the findings of a new study, published in the Mar. 14 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, that shows men who have type 2 diabetes for longer than 17 years are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack as those who do not have the disease. The risk is similar to those who have already had a heart attack in the past.

While previous research shows that having diabetes increases a person’s risk of a heart attack, researchers now believe that it has more to do with how long a man has had the condition. The longer the duration of diabetes, the higher the chance was that a man could suffer a heart attack.

The researchers saw a significant increase in the chance that a man would suffer from a cardiovascular problem if he had had the disease for as little as 8 years.

Additionally, it was found that men who have late-onset diabetes averaging 5 years with the disease had a 54% greater risk of suffering a heart attack or dying prematurely.

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