Healthcare Providers Debate Merits of Costly Lymphoma Treatment

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be difficult enough without also being concerned about how you will take care of your living expenses while you are disabled and unable to work. Long-term disability benefits may be available to help offset your lost income during your time of need.

In a report from the Doctor’s Lounge new research indicates that the cost of a drug, Rituximab, used to help treat lymphoma may outweigh its benefits.

While Rituximab has been found to help alleviate symptoms, it does not increase an individual’s projected life span. In addition, the drug is a very expensive prescription medication that may be a cost prohibitive treatment option for many patients.

Researchers indicate that lymphoma patients should discuss with their doctor whether or not the benefits outweigh the cost. As it stands, healthcare professionals are divided over the issue, with some believing it has no advantage in prolonging survival and others believing it can help provide a better quality of life for at least a period of time.

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