Hearing Loss Linked to Dementia

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Disability Help Group

When a severe medical condition, such as dementia, memory loss or hearing loss, makes it impossible for you to continue participating in substantial gainful activity you may qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits.

CNN Health reports that hearing loss may be linked to dementia. A new study indicates that while it is not uncommon for older adults to lose hearing with age, it can also be an early sign of dementia.

The study compares those older adults who have a mild hearing impairment to those without any hearing loss and found that they have twice the chance of developing dementia. Those who have severe hearing loss experienced a significant increase in their risk for dementia.

Researchers aren’t sure how the loss of hearing relates to the development of dementia but suggest that brain abnormalities could be a contributing factor. On the other hand, they also indicate that hearing loss could be a cause of dementia.

While hearing loss can interfere with an individual’s quality of life, researchers say that because it is a gradual process, treatment is many times not sought. Yet cochlear implants, hearing aids and other types of treatment could help diminish the loss of hearing and possibly ward off the onset of dementia.

If you suffer from hearing loss, dementia or any other severe mental or physical condition that prevents you from working, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. A Social Security disability representative can help you determine if you qualify.

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