Hospitals with Surgical Robots Perform More Prostate Cancer Surgeries

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

When an individual has been diagnosed with cancer or another severe medical condition that may cause them to become disabled and unable to work, long-term disability benefits may be available.

A report from the New York Times indicates that hospitals with surgical robots perform more prostate cancer surgeries than those without. This latest study reveals how the treatment for prostate cancer is affected by certain factors such as technology, as opposed to whether or not there are real health benefits to it.

This could lead to greater confusion when it comes to deciding which type of treatment plan a man should undergo. There is really no clear-cut evidence as to which may be better.

Currently, treatment consists of radiation, hormone therapy and surgical removal of the prostate gland. For some men, treatment may not even be necessary if the cancer is caught early and is slowly progressing.

Research shows that the hospitals which invested in a surgical robot performed an additional 29 prostate cancer surgeries per year. There are some concerns amongst experts with this since removing the prostate can lead to complications, including impotence and incontinence. What’s more, some of these surgeries may not even be necessary.

With all of the choices and some of the confusion, experts say that patients should ask a lot of questions before deciding which treatment plan to go with.

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