How the Government Shutdown Will Impact Social Security Disability Claims

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The October 2013 shutdown of the U.S. government impacts many government departments and services. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has ensured citizens that SSA payments, including regular Social Security benefits and SSI benefits, will continue during the shutdown.

Most services related to Social Security disability claims will remain operational, including appeals before an Administrative Law Judge and processing changes to your living status (SSI recipients). Hearing offices will remain open, and Social Security field offices will also remain open but may see some limitations in services.

The SSA will close Social Security card offices, and suspended replacement of Social Security and Medicare cards during the shutdown. The SSA’s online services remain open as well.

As there is no end date for the shutdown, the SSA will continue to adjust which services are open and how business will be conducted in the event of a prolonged shutdown. You may see delays in service at SSA offices if personnel are put on furlough. A prolonged shutdown may also cause delays in benefit application processing if the shutdown affects personnel responsible for case reviews.

Even if the government is unable to operate, Disability Help Group continues to provide clients personal service for their disability claims. We will continue to keep you informed about the latest impacts the government shutdown may have on the Social Security disability application and appeals process.

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