How the Social Security Administration Determines Cancer Disability

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The basic steps of a Social Security disability claim involve showing proof of a disabling condition and that it prevents you from engaging in substantial gainful activity. The types of evidence necessary to support these claims will vary, depending on the type of disabling condition you claim. 

In the case of a malignant neoplastic disease (cancer), you will need to provide evidence to support the severity of your condition. Some of the factors that the Social Security Administration (SSA) takes into consideration include: 

  • the origin of the malignancy;
  • the extent of the impact of the malignancy on your health;
  • your history of treatment; and
  • ongoing effects of the treatment. 

Evidence supporting these factors must come from a licensed medical professional. Diagnostic reports, test results, surgery notes, pathology reports, and official statements from your physician are all excellent types of supportive evidence that may help your claim. 

Aside from providing evidence of the cancer type, duration, and treatment, you also may use the effects of the treatment to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Cancers that resist treatment may qualify, as well as patients who experience side effects of chemotherapy drugs. 

The SSA’s listing of impairments includes more than 20 types of malignant neoplastic diseases that are evaluated for Social Security disability. Even if your disease is not listed on this classification, or if your condition does not meet the standards, you may still pursue a Social Security disability benefits claim with the help of a disability representative in Plantation. 

Contacting a Social Security Disability representative in Plantation 

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