Identifying Bladder Tumor Sub-Type Can Improve Treatment and Prognosis

Posted on June 21, 2016 by Disability Help Group

One of the most recent types of cancer research focuses on identifying the best methods of treatment for each specific case of cancer. This type of targeted treatment uses tumor sub-type identification to determine whether surgery or chemotherapy is most effective. The research also determines the most effective types of chemotherapy to use.

Recently, doctors at Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University analyzed data from 460 bladder cancer patients from across Europe. The data allowed the doctors to classify the tumors into three primary classes, each with different methods of development and molecular structure.

Tumors in the molecular group with a high risk of aggressive disease development showed obvious signs of mutation in the genes and molecular pathways. These mutations are associated with advanced stages of bladder cancer. Knowing this, researchers believe they can now set to work on developing drugs targeted at the specific mutations.

When a diagnosis pinpoints a particular tumor sub-type or cancer group, doctors can focus treatment and make sure it is better suited to the individual case. This can help speed up recovery and promote faster and longer remission. Targeted treatments are shaping up to be the new pathway to a cure for cancers.

Cancer is a Leading Cause of Disability in America

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