Keep Your Mind Active with 5 Easy Steps to Decrease Cognitive Decline

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

It sounds too good to be true – a five-step program to improving your mental health and reducing risk of cognitive decline. But researchers at Cardiff University found that five behaviors may do just that, as detailed in the PLOS One medical journal.

A study conducted by Professor Peter Elwood followed the health behaviors of 2,235 men aged 45-49 for a period of 25 years. Their cognitive state was tracked during the study and analyzed with other health factors such as diabetes and cancer.

The study found that the following five healthy behaviors are essential to improving cognition and living a healthier life:

  • avoiding smoking and tobacco products;
  • maintaining a healthy body weight;
  • regular exercise;
  • eating a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables; and
  • drinking alcohol only in moderation.

The men who practiced at least four of these five lifestyle choices had a 60 percent decline for dementia and fewer cases of other disabling conditions. Exercise was determined to be the strongest factor in improving mental health and avoiding cognitive decline.

Dementia is one of the leading causes of adult disability in the U.S. and in 2010 there were an estimated 450,000 people in Florida living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, but there are many other types of cognitive disruption that can impair your ability to work and earn a living. In cases where dementia prevents an adult of working age from taking a job, Social Security disability benefits may be available to help.

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