Lack of Sunlight & Common Virus Linked to Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition that can become disabling. You may be entitled to receive Social Security disability benefits to help cover lost wages is your MS prevents you from being able to work.

According to a report from the Doctor’s Lounge, early research suggests a lack of sunlight and a common virus may be linked to a person’s risk of developing MS.

Mononucleosis-a common virus to which college students are especially vulnerable-along with little sunlight exposure could explain why MS is more common for those who live further away from the equator.

This particular research focused on both factors that appear to be linked to roughly 75% of those with MS. Additionally, it was found that a lack of Vitamin D, which can be boosted with exposure to the sunlight, is likely a factor in catching “mono.” Further research is planned but indications are that proper treatment of mononucleosis is necessary to help protect against increasing the later risk of MS.

If you have been diagnosed with a disabling condition such as multiple sclerosis, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. You should immediately consult with a Miami Social Security disability representative who can advise you on whether or not you qualify based on your work history, medical condition(s) and economic outlook. a representative can also assist you in appealing a denied claim.

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