Leading Cause of Disability is Low Back Pain

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Low back pain is a common ailment and a new study found it’s a worldwide problem. In fact, the study found it is the leading cause of disability, with about one in every 10 persons suffering from a painful lower back. Another study found that a third of work-related disabilities are caused by it. Both studies were published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

Virtually everyone will experience low back pain at some point. Some are even prone to it; for instance those who are older, overweight, under stress, depressed or work jobs involving heavy lifting. But men tend to suffer from low back pain more than women (10 percent compared to 8.7 percent), according to one study.

Certain types of work have an increased risk of lower back pain. Laborers, transport equipment operators and those who work in production were 54 percent more at risk; service workers were 47 percent more at risk. The lowest rates of back pain were those who perform clerical work.

Exercise is one way to prevent back pain and injuries. Those who do heavy lifting at work should use the right technique in order to avoid injury.

If you are disabled because of back pain, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. You must prove that the condition is severe enough to prevent you from working. In some cases, your injury might even fall under one of Social Security’s listing of impairments for spinal disorders.

To learn about qualifying for disability benefits, contact a representative. These can be challenging cases for some workers, and it’s imperative to have adequate evidence to support your claim. Disability Help Group is here to help. Call us at 1-(800)-800-3332 to speak with a claims specialist at our company.