Light-Activated Drug Therapy May Reduce Damage from Chemo

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Traditional chemotherapy has potentially saved or extended the lives of millions of cancer patients worldwide. However, this treatment often comes at a price, namely extreme fatigue and susceptibility to infection. This is because the chemotherapy drugs often attack healthy cells, including the immune system, which can leave cancer patients more prone to simple infections and illnesses.

Patients undergoing cancer treatment with chemotherapy may qualify for long-term disability benefits due to their treatment and the adverse side effects that it causes. Chemotherapy treatment can take several months, even years, and with each treatment comes a recurring wave of flu-like and other symptoms that can render a patient incapacitated for days or even weeks following a treatment.

However, a newly-developed chemotherapy procedure may change the degree of disability a cancer patient experiences following treatment thanks to new technology. In the SMALL medical journal, researchers from the University of California Los Angeles reported that light-activated drug delivery can contain chemotherapy drugs and avoid damage to healthy cells.

The procedure uses nanoparticles to deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to the cancer cells. Once the particles are at the tumor cells, an infrared laser is used to activate the nanoparticles and release the drugs. This keeps the harmful chemicals away from healthy cells until they reach the targeted cancer cells. Not only does this process reduce damage to healthy tissue, it may also help reduce the number or intensity of chemotherapy doses, as the drugs are delivered directly to the tumor and do not get diluted during the journey.

Until treatments like these, where patients suffer less adverse side effects, become mainstream, many cancer patients receiving chemotherapy may still become disabled due to cancer treatments. When you or a loved one is unable to work and make a living due to cancer treatment side effects or symptoms of the disease itself, you may qualify for long-term disability benefits. For more information on your right to benefits, contact the Disability Help Group to begin your claim. Call today – 1-(800)-800-3332