More Than One Million Veterans’ Disability Claims Processed in 2012

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has hit historic levels of productivity as it marks the processing of one million veterans’ disability claims in fiscal year 2012. A VA press release notes that it was the third consecutive year in which over one million claims were processed.

The VA cites improvements in the claims sorting process and transitioning to a paperless record system as some of the methods that have improved claim processing and accuracy rates. In August alone the VA set a new record in claims processing with over 107,000 claims processed for the month.

Accuracy of claims has also continued to rise with these improvements, increasing from 83% to 86% since September 2011. These improvements in the disability claims system continue to push the VA toward their goal of 98% accuracy and claim processing times no longer than 125 days by 2015.

Even with these improvements, many disabled veterans are still waiting months, even years for decisions on initial claims and appeals. Claims with just one or two medical conditions, as well as those submitted with complete records and information, may be classified and handled as ‘Express’ under the new processing model. This is where a veterans’ disability representative can be of help gathering information and ensuring forms are properly filled out.

If you are a disabled veteran who has been denied disability compensation or have not yet applied for benefits from the VA, a South Florida disability representative from Disability Help Group is ready to help. To learn if you are entitled to certain programs and benefits contact our veteran’s disability rights firm today 1-(800)-800-3332.