New Genetic Marker Drug Target Discovered for Autoimmune Diseases

Posted on October 6, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Researchers in the United Kingdom have used a new investigative tool, single-cell RNA sequencing, to identify new drug targets for asthma and autoimmune diseases. This tool allowed the researchers to investigate innate lymphoid cells (ILC). These cells are partially responsible for the body’s immune response to infections and irritants that cause asthma.

Researchers used the tool to probe samples of bone marrow from mice. Through the probes, they found ILCs displayed PD-1 protein and activated ILC2s had even higher levels of PD-1. The researchers detailed their findings in Nature.

PD-1 is a protein that researchers can use to identify and target potentially dangerous cells. Doctors are already using this protein as a target for delivering chemotherapy drugs to cancer patients.

The hope is that this discovery of the role PD-1 plays in the ILCs will help with the development of new targeted treatments for asthma and autoimmune diseases.

Severe Asthma and Many Autoimmune Diseases May Qualify You for Social Security Disability Benefits

When severe asthma or an autoimmune disorder causes you to be unable to work and earn a substantial income. You might be entitled to benefits for disability through the Social Security Administration. Filing for benefits or appealing a denial can be very difficult, but you have help.

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