Non-Invasive Treatment for Men Who Suffer from Enlarged Prostate

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Disability Help Group

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Prostate surgery to treat an enlarged prostate comes with the risks of a patient developing urinary incontinence or impotency. In a report from U.S. News Health, a new type of prostate therapy may eliminate some of the common side effects that can become debilitating. This minimally invasive therapy, known as prostatic artery embolization (PAE), may help certain patients.

Patients that could potentially benefit from PAE therapy are those with:

  • severe symptoms in lower urinary tract;
  • weak urinary stream; and
  • prostates that are larger than 60 cubic centimeters.

While this new prostate therapy may be made available, some experts believe that greater emphasis should still be placed on the use of medication which can help to treat an enlarged prostate. In fact, a large majority of patients are helped with just medication.

Surgery is only required in a smaller number of men and since the findings of this new prostate therapy are still preliminary, some experts aren’t ready to jump on the bandwagon. There may also be potential unforeseen complications with this type of therapy.

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