One Step Closer to Understanding the Cause & Progression of Alzheimer’s

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Social Security disability benefits may be available if you suffer from a debilitating condition such as Alzheimer’s and the disease has made it impossible to continue working.

Currently there are approximately 5.4 million adults in the United States who have Alzheimer’s. It is a costly medical condition that can lead to permanent disability. Alzheimer’s is a particularly devastating disease for both the sufferer and their families and researchers have been working fervently to find effective treatments for this heart-breaking ailment.   

According to a recent article from the New York Times, researchers are closer to understanding the cause and progression of Alzheimer’s. Two large-scale studies have led to the discovery of 5 genes that provide insight into what causes Alzheimer’s and how it progresses. The hope is that will also lead to treatment that can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s or at least slow the progress.

Previous findings have shown that individuals who have high cholesterol are at a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Brain inflammations, which can be caused by factors such as head injuries or stroke, are also a risk factor. Some of the genes appear to be linked to either cholesterol or inflammation, which only confirms those previous findings.

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