Potential New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Under Development

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can leave an individual anxious about how they will take care of themselves and their family. Social Security disability benefits may be available if you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or any other debilitating medical condition.

A professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder believes that one day, multiple sclerosis may not only be treated but the effects of it could be reversed using a drug that treats chronic pain.

ATL313, an anti-inflammatory drug, was injected into laboratory rats and was able to stop the progression of multiple sclerosis for several weeks. These findings were presented at the annual Society for Neuroscience conference.

Multiple sclerosis can lead to permanent neurological damage. The progression of this disease can be slowed with drugs currently on the market; however they are not able to reverse the damage.

There is hope that ATL313 will be the answer for sufferers of multiple sclerosis so further studies will need to be done. Originally, the testing of this drug was done to see if it helped treat the chronic pain that many patients of this disease suffer from. Researchers were surprised at the other effects the drug brought on.

A Social Security disability representative will be able to help you determine if you qualify to receive disability benefits for your severe mental or physical condition, such as multiple sclerosis.

When you are interviewing Social Security Disability representatives ask critical questions, like: how many Social Security Disability hearings do you have per month; do you understand the SSA’s POMS (the manual Social Security employees use to process claims); and, do you understand the date last insured and how it affects my disability onset date?

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