Programs May Prevent Heart Disease and Save Billions for Treatment

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Disability Help Group

According to a report from Health Day, a new policy statement has been issued from the American Heart Association (ADA), that prevention is the best way to curb costs in treating heart disease. Heart disease could lead to serious complications that result in the need of Social Security disability benefits.

Health experts say that the $450 billion a year it costs to treat those with heart disease isn’t sustainable. The best way to cut these costs is by preventing this disease from developing in the first place.

While it would cost more money to implement programs that help reduce the risk of heart disease, heart experts believe that in the long run it will be beneficial and eventually lead to cost savings.

Suggested Programs to Prevent Heart Disease 

  • constructing paths for biking and walking;
  • cutting the amount of salt found in food;
  • require physical education in all schools;
  • include healthier choices (fruits and vegetables) in school lunches;
  • make fresh produce more affordable;
  • ban smoking in public indoor spaces; and
  • increase taxes on tobacco products.

Not only can changes like these and others help save money but it can lengthen an individual’s lifespan.

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