The Link Between Disability & Poverty

Posted on August 28, 2015 by Disability Help Group

Quality Of Life

58 million people in America are living with a disability. Out of these, only 14.4% are employed and 32.1% are living in poverty. That is a 21% higher rate than those living in poverty without a disability. These disabilities come in many forms, mental and physical. And some people have been living with them since birth. Whether you are paralyzed, blind, deaf, or experiencing a temporary situation due to an illness, all aspects of your life are affected.

Domino Affect

The world is much different for those with a disability. You may have had a job that you are no longer able to perform. Finding a new one, in many cases, is a challenge. There may be a couple of reasons why employers prefer not to hire disabled individuals. Due to lack of accessible transportation, completing high school or college may not happen. This leaves them in a non-competitive position in the work place. Another reason is employers’ fear of being sued for not making suitable accommodations. These accommodations may include providing adequate parking spaces, ramps, and buttons to automatically push exterior doors open. So the easier route for them is to avoid the situation all together.

Individuals with a disability who are able to acquire employment face another challenge. The desire to enhance their life by seeking employment puts them at risk of loosing their government assistance. That is right, they may no longer receive monetary or medical benefits if they make over a certain amount a month.

Letting The System Work For You

Filing a disability claim is one of the first steps towards peace of mind. However, the process is complex and time consuming. Many realize getting your application approved is a challenge. Let our team guide you through every step. Allow us to help you get the benefits you need and deserve. We are here for you. Let reaching out to us, for a free case evaluation, be your first step. Call us any time at 1-(800)-800-3332.