Ranking Health Officials Studying VistA’s Operating Potential

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Disability Help Group

A specific group of “senior health service managers and doctors” was tasked with giving the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) information and technology (IT) systems a thorough examination. The group intends on studying the VA’s VistA system, which employs such features as open source software applications, and will hopefully help veterans with disabilities.

The VistA system likely has capabilities and capacities not fully recognized as of yet. Its open source software is essentially “free to use and develop” and it is in that capacity that other health care systems in the world are interested in studying. This particular delegation is seeking to determine how that technology can best be applied to the Irish health care context.

The Department of Health is working with St. James Hospital in Dublin, Ireland to study the system, which encompasses the entirety of the VA’s health care. VistA provides the basis for a more integrated approach to health care services for veterans, which is vital due to the complexity and layers of care required by the approximately 4 million veterans and their families using VA health care.

The VA runs 163 hospitals, more than 800 clinics, 135 nursing homes, and provides employment for almost 280,000 people. The VA is on the forefront of finding ways to combine technology with “a practical sense of its application in a hospital setting.”

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