Scientists Develop Method for Preventing and Reversing Chronic Pain

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Chronic pain can be caused by an injury, a genetic disorder, or old age. Some are only able to manage their chronic pain, but not cure it. Pain management can range from medications to surgery, providing temporary relief in many cases. But researchers may have discovered a new method for reversing the pain.

The drug adenosine has been shown to be potentially effective for pain relief in humans, but it comes with several serious side effects. While adenosine opened several “pathways” in the brain to create the pain-relieving effect, only one pathway was responsible for that effect and the others caused the adverse side effects. Researchers at Saint Louis University sought to discover the specific pathway in the brain that mediates the pain-relieving effects and develop a treatment that focused on that single pathway.

Through their study, published in the Brain medical journal, the research team found activating the A3 receptor with adenosine molecules prevented and even reversed chronic pain in rodents without causing the adverse side effects seen with regular full adenosine treatment. So far this treatment method has shown to be an effective pain management tool without the side effects of many drugs or the dependency and addiction risks as with opioids, as the A3 treatment does not stimulate the reward center of the brain.

Further development of the therapy and additional testing is underway to determine if A3 adenosine receptor therapy is safe and effective for human use. In current trials, the therapy shows no signs of impairing the brain’s regular pain response and threshold, which is a concern for many pain management methods.

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