New VA Partnership Provides Enhanced Security for Veterans’ Personal Information

Posted on December 14, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently collaborated with the veteran-run ID.me online security service to enhance the protection of and access to each veteran’s personal information. The Vets.gov site will use the ID.me technology to provide veterans with a single account to access online services, including:

  • Benefit claim status updates
  • Contacting their health care providers
  • Online prescription refills

With this partnership, the VA becomes the first US government agency to meet the “Level of Assurance 3” standard. The VA obtains this standard through ID.me’s multi-factor authentication process. This process confirms the veteran’s identity at the third level of safety standards issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Meeting this level allows the VA to safely and securely share veterans’ personal information.

These new standards and safety protocols are another step in protecting veterans’ information against identity theft and exploitation. The new Vets.gov technology will allow veterans to access their information and benefit details anywhere they have a secure internet connection.

Protecting Your Personal Information is Important — Make Sure You Work with Reputable Sources

Unfortunately, there are many veterans’ resources that you cannot trust with your personal data. Unscrupulous parties are always looking for a way to get your information and might prey on disabled veterans.

Before you accept help with your disability benefits from an unknown source, make sure the service is legitimate. A quick Google search will turn up any news — and complaints — about the company.

Know that when you speak with the Disability Help Group, you are trusting your information to a legitimate company looking out for your best interests. Our focus is helping you and getting you the disability benefits and services you need.

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