Senate Measure Could Provide Compensation for Veterans’ Fertility Treatments

Posted on June 9, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Legislative action is seeking to change a 1980s-era law that banned the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) from paying for fertility treatments for veterans. In late May 2016, the Senate approved a measure to provide fertility assistance to veterans who suffered groin or reproductive injuries.

Currently, only active duty servicemembers with genitourinary injuries were eligible for in vitro fertilization (IVF) coverage under Tricare. Veterans who sustained injuries to their reproductive organs could not receive medical and financial assistance for IVF, adoption, or other reproductive means.

While the Senate passed the fertility treatments amendment 89-8, the measure, introduced by Washington State Senator Patty Murray, cannot become law until the House passes it. The House proposed a different solution; rather than covering the fertility treatments, the VA would add a $20,000 award in addition to other disability and pension benefits an injured veteran is already receiving.

The $20,000 offer extends to male and female veterans who suffered reproductive injuries in service-connected incidents. Veterans can use the award toward the costs of IVF, surrogacy, adoption, and other family planning measures if the veteran so desires.

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