Significant Advancements in Research for Multiple Sclerosis in 2010

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) or any other debilitating medical condition may qualify you to receive Social Security disability benefits. If you are unable to work, these benefits can help offset lost income.

MS, which can become a disabling condition, affects more than 40,000 individuals in the United States. It typically strikes those between the ages of 20 and 50, with more women being diagnosed than men. MS affects the central nervous system and causes an interruption between the body and brain.

Disabled World reports that in 2010, there were significant advancements in research in the area of multiple sclerosis. Specifically, advancements were made in finding effective therapies to stop MS, improvements in restoring function, and finding a way to prevent MS.

Research for MS has been far-reaching and has included:

  • availability of the first orally-administered disease-modifying therapy; 
  • progress in finding ways to repair damage done to the nervous system;
  • using exercise, rehabilitation, medication and meditation to improve quality of life; and
  • understanding some of the risk factors for developing MS.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society anticipates 2011 to be filled with even greater advancements.

When you find that your medical condition makes it impossible for you to continue working, consulting with a Social Security disability representative should be your next step to determine if you are eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits.

When you are interviewing Social Security Disability representatives ask critical questions, like: how many Social Security Disability hearings do you have per month; do you understand the SSA’s POMS (the manual Social Security employees use to process claims); and, do you understand the date last insured and how it affects my disability onset date?

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