Social Security Case 10: Epilepsy Patient also Suffering from Organic Neurological Psychological Impairment, Depression, and Substance Abuse

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

In addressing the decision written by Judge Van Duzer, the claimant took several courses of action which strengthened her case at the hearing level.  First, the claimant had a neurologist at the Epilepsy Foundation, who treated her specific seizure disorder and the symptoms that accompanied the disorder.  Having a doctor who treats and specializes in your particular impairment will allow for a more detailed presentation of medical evidence to the Judge.  If you have strong, detailed treatment notes from a specialist, the ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) will find it more difficult to dispute or deny the first hand evidence.  Secondly, the claimant suffered from depression and anxiety due to her debilitating seizure disorder and declining cognitive state.  The claimant had a psychologist at the Epilepsy Foundation who treated the claimant at least once every 3 months, documenting her symptoms.  When you combine the medical evidence from the primary physician, the neurologist, at the Epilepsy Foundation, and psychiatrist at the same facility, you build a very powerful and indisputable case.

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