Social Security Administration Creates Centralized Fraud Prevention Unit

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Disability Help Group

New York City is now home to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) latest initiative to prevent Social Security fraud. It created a new centralized fraud prevention unit to house experienced disability examiners and combine their efforts to combat fraud and deception in disability claims.

The newly formed team is currently involved in re-reviewing the disability decisions that are under scrutiny after indictments in Puerto Rico and New York City. These experts are working on those cases while also creating a long-term process for detecting and investigating future potential fraud instances. Using specialized data analytics, the team hopes to be able to detect fraudulent activity at its earliest point before the SSA issues a disability decision.

Acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin notes that the SSA has a fraud rate of less than one percent thanks to the anti-fraud program. The current team consists of 20 disability examiners working on the Puerto Rico and New York City cases. Once those cases are finished, the team will continue its work on a national scale, building systems to evaluate and identify new fraud trends and incidents before they become larger issues.

Citizens can help the SSA combat fraud by watching for signs of fraud, abuse, or waste. Some examples of Social Security fraud include:

  • falsifying information on a disability application;
  • concealing facts which affect eligibility for disability benefits;
  • impersonating an SSA representative;
  • misuse of benefits by a representative payee; and
  • receiving workers’ compensation benefits without reporting the payments while also receiving SSDI or SSI.

If you suspect you are the victim of fraud or you believe you know another person suspected of fraudulent activity, report it to the Office of the Inspector General. There is also protection for SSA employees who become “whistleblowers” to protect them from any abuse or mistreatment after revealing fraudulent actions.

Simple, innocent mistakes on a Social Security disability application can not only cost you your benefits, they could also be construed as fraud in extreme cases. For help filing your SSDI or SSI application from representatives who know the ropes, contact the Disability Help Group to begin your claim. Call today – 1-(800)-800-3332.