SSA Recommences Mailing Paper Statements

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Disability Help Group

In 2011, the Social Security Administration attempted to cut expenses by ceasing paper statement mailings. When they stopped the mailings, they began offering an online tool that enables workers to access their statements. However, since only a small minority of people is utilizing the online tool, the SSA will resume mailing paper statements this month.

SSA Benefit Statement Mailings

When the SSA decided to stop sending out periodic paper statements to workers, they were able to save $70 million per year on printing and mailing costs.  As an alternative, the SSA launched “my Social Security” a free online tool workers can use to access their statement. In addition to downloading statements, workers can also do the following on “my Social Security.”

  • Apply for retirement and disability benefits
  • Keep track of their earnings
  • Report any mistakes
  • Get an estimate of future benefits
  • Obtain a proof of benefits letter

The SSA reports that as of early September 2014, more than 13 million people have signed up for online accounts. The number sounds large, but in actuality, it means that only roughly six percent of the workforce has visited “my Social Security” to sign up for the program. Consequentially, Congress brought up concerns that too few people were accessing their benefit information.

While the hope is still to encourage more people to utilized the online format, the SSA has decided to revert back to mailing paper statements for workers who have not yet signed up for “my Social Security.” The statements will go out every five years to workers aged 25 to 60.

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