St. Louis VA Still Canceling Surgical And Dental Procedures

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Disability Help Group

It was 2 months ago when the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) gave the St. Louis VA medical and dental centers the OK to go ahead and start performing procedures again. The St. Louis VA, however, is still canceling surgeries and other procedures.

The St. Louis VA was ordered to halt all procedures following an employee discovering corrosion covering a surgical tray. The VA and private contractors performed several subsequent investigations. Overall, the VA St. Louis VA rescheduled more than 200 surgeries, which were ultimately performed at private St. Louis hospitals. Taxpayers paid for every rescheduled surgery.

Multiple investigations concluded the environment once again safe for surgeries, and after being closed down for more than 30 days, the St. Louis VA once again opened its doors on March 10, 2011. Almost immediately, VA officials were postponing and canceling surgical and dental procedures.

According to the VA, the cleanliness of the environment has nothing to do with the postponed procedures. Rather, the VA decided to either restore or buy 63,000 new surgical and dental tools in the interest of patient safety.

Restoration is a time-consuming process, and is unfortunately negatively effecting the amount of services the VA can provide. The St. Louis VA surgical center is only working at 70% capacity, whereas the dental clinic is performing no restorative procedures and only 60% of the amount of teeth cleanings they were performing prior to the initial closing.
The time tables the VA has used to support postponing procedures have been called into question by the National Dental Labs, who claim it should not take more than 3 days to restore dental instrumentation. Whatever is happening, the VA has stated they should be up to full capacity within a number of weeks. 

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